The Posey Family

This family is really special to us and so many in the community/ church. They live a couple doors down, and always welcome our kiddos to come play.

Thanks for being awesome people, Posey fam :-)

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Campbell, 12 days

If you scroll through, you'll see a special picture of Daddy in his turnout gear... Daddy *and* Granddaddy both served at Station 19 in Birmingham. Who knows, baby Campbell might be a 3rd generation firefighter :-)

Twins Parker and Owen, Fresh 48


Twins Parker and Owen, Fresh 48 <3 <3
Mama was really hoping for a twin vaginal delivery, and both boys were head down for *weeks*... but one came vaginally, and the other via cesarean. One blonde- haired, one brown. They couldn't have been more different from the start.
That image of sister loving on her baby brothers.. Oooooooh <3

Jack, 16 days

Baby Jack was dedicated today, and my ears must have been ringing, because I was just looking over his newborn session earlier <3 Happy Dedication Day, sweet boy!

Jack, 16 days <3

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2017 Year In Review (Birth)

It's Year In Review Time! 
(we don't *think* we have any more babies coming in 2017 😉 )

Time to count our BLESSINGS ❤️ Thank you to each family that has invited Hello Baby Birth Photography into your birth space; we are so grateful! God Bless these little ones and watch over them.

2017 by the Numbers:
- 73 Births
- 76 Babies, including
- 3 set of Twins
- 1 baby born en caul (in the sac)
- More coffee refills than we can count (we should be Starbucks shareholders by now)
- Hospitals visited this year: Shelby, EAMC, Flowers, Baptist East & Baptist South, Gwinnett Medical Center, Jackson, Grandview, Midtown Medical, and Martin Army Community Hospital

Can you spot *your* baby? 😍

EDIT: We were not able to tag everyone; facebook only allows 50 tags!

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