What is Birth Photography?

It's all a blur now...the day I gave birth to my son...the day my life changed forever, in the most wonderful of ways. Thankfully, my birth photographer captured the parts I now struggle to see clearly in my mind, and I am so grateful for the priceless album full of images she created as my keepsake. The photos in it transport me right back into the delivery room I labored in. Right back to the day I smiled at my son for the first time. :-) 

Birth Photography is all about capturing the Big Moments and the Little Details so that you and your family can cherish them forever. It's a way to document some of the most amazing and emotional moments you'll ever experience. I would be honored to help tell the "story" of the day you brought LIFE into the world!


Aubrie (center):

Aubrie’s passion for birth photography comes first-hand as a mama to two growing boys (6 and 2 years old). Knowing the images of mama’s happy tears and her baby’s first breath will become more precious and more priceless each year, she captures birth not as a single moment, but as a story made up of extraordinary emotions. Already working as a boudoir and editorial photographer, her first birth client had fertility complications and knew they wanted this miracle documented. “I continue to feel a lifelong bond with every family. This is one of the most intimate moments you can share with another person. How honored I am to be invited to document this!”

Grace (left):

As a mother of four, Grace’s family life is truly and adventure. Seeing her own children’s faces everyday and the joyful reactions to pictures of themselves as they’ve grown inspires her to continue shooting after ten years behind the camera and learning as she’s gone. “I love the entire labor and birth process. It amazes me each and every time. It takes me back to the birth of my own children." 

Mary Jane (right):

Years of experience gives Mary Jane a heart set in just the right place for capturing the unique and personal journey of a birth. After 30 years as a labor and delivery nurse, creating life-long bonds with babies and their families has become a part of who she is and a true passion. “I have been blessed with the opportunity to be involved with hundreds of families over the past 30 years as they welcome little miracles into this world and I would not trade a single moment!"