Cadence, 7 months

We just had our first sunflower session of the season, and I can't get over how magical it is!! Yellow is my favorite color, and when you pull into that sea of flowers, It. Is. Breathtaking!

Advice for families and photographers heading out there:
- It is HOT! Bring a handheld fan and lots of icewater! 
- The ground is soft, so be sure to wear appropriate shoes for your session: boots, flats, and wedges (that you wouldn't mind getting a little dirty)
- There are lots 'o bees pollenating!! If you have a bee allergy, you might want to steer clear.

Happy shooting!! :-)

Corinne and I both have a couple available dates left to shoot- you can book here:

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Baby Whitaker's Birth Story

Through Mama's words...

"I felt mild cramps all day, and made sure to rest, walk, eat, and hydrate. Regular contractions started in earnest at dinner, and by 9pm my water had broken and my doula arrived.

Things weren't progressing much- I was able to chat and joke in between contractions still- so Traci (my doula) told me to take a relaxing bath. "Baths don't lie", she said. That did the trick! I relaxed, laid down in bed, and went into hard labor immediately. After a *very* slow walk down the stairs, we left for the hospital. We arrived at the ER at 10:40pm, and our perfect boy was born 15 minutes later on the gurney.

It was fast and furious, and so perfect! I look back on that evening with nothing but gratitude and happiness."

Shortly after Whitaker's birth, Mama was rolled back to the OR for assistance with the placenta. She lost so much blood, she was still receiving some through her IV when we came back the following day for their Fresh 48 session. We thought it was important to show the IV pole and bags of plasma (instead of trying to hide it), as that was a part of their story, too! ❤

Please enjoy some highlights from Whitaker's birth! We were so honored to be invited to share in it. Leave a word of praise or encouragement for his Mamas here ❤

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Baby River's Birth Story

“How do you tell the most important story of your life? You look back over your beautiful photos and remember everything you were feeling, seeing, thinking. The most important part of the day, for me, was to make it a family adventure as my body worked to bring my perfect baby into the world to meet us all. It’s what brought me peace, and it made for a space full of joy.

I didn’t think I would have children. I had accepted that. Who knew that God would say, “No, ma’am… I want this for you!” at 40 years old?! So I chose to give birth without an epidural because I wanted to feel and fully experience every second, every sensation that led to the moment River Armstrong Jones was placed in my arms… where he’ll forever and ever have a home.”

- Mama

The Posey Family

This family is really special to us and so many in the community/ church. They live a couple doors down, and always welcome our kiddos to come play.

Thanks for being awesome people, Posey fam :-)

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Campbell, 12 days

If you scroll through, you'll see a special picture of Daddy in his turnout gear... Daddy *and* Granddaddy both served at Station 19 in Birmingham. Who knows, baby Campbell might be a 3rd generation firefighter :-)

Twins Parker and Owen, Fresh 48


Twins Parker and Owen, Fresh 48 <3 <3
Mama was really hoping for a twin vaginal delivery, and both boys were head down for *weeks*... but one came vaginally, and the other via cesarean. One blonde- haired, one brown. They couldn't have been more different from the start.
That image of sister loving on her baby brothers.. Oooooooh <3

Jack, 16 days

Baby Jack was dedicated today, and my ears must have been ringing, because I was just looking over his newborn session earlier <3 Happy Dedication Day, sweet boy!

Jack, 16 days <3

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