hello baby birth photography

Who hires a Birth Photographer?

Any Mommy who wants...

... her husband/ support person by her side, instead of trying to snap pictures in between contractions.

... to document the birth of her baby with more than just cell phone pictures.

... to remember each moment and detail of their family's most cherished days.

... to treasure and share the beautiful, photojournalistic story about the amazing day she brought LIFE into the world! 


hello baby birth photography

How long will you be at my birth?

Birth is totally unpredictable, so there is no "time limit". We plan to be with you from the time you are in active labor (usually around 6cm), until your baby's arrival. We stay up to two hours after delivery, to catch many of baby's firsts: weighing, measuring, and family meeting your new babe!

When should we make "the call"?

Please keep us in the loop, even in the weeks leading up to your due date! We love to text; send a message whenever you have a checkup, a cervical check, are feeling contractions (even if they end up being Braxton Hicks!), or just want to say hello! Once you are heading to the hospital, please add us to the "must-text" list. We will keep in close contact until you enter active labor (around 6-7cm), and will then join you at the hospital.

*If you head to the hospital in the middle of the night, and do not get a text response back, then call call CALL until you reach us!

Do I need to talk to my Doctor/ Midwife about having a photographer present?

Absolutely! While we've established great professional relationships with many of the area's Doctors/ Midwives/ hospital staff, it's always nice for them to be prepared (they may want to wear their good scrubs that day) ;-). As for our presence, we like to be a fly on the wall. One of the biggest compliments we've ever received was a midwife who said, "I didn't even know you were there!"


What if I am having a cesarean?

We can absolutely still capture the story of your day! Each of our local hospitals has a different policy on number of guests/ photography in the OR. We can go more into detail when we meet for our consultation. Please see the "Birth Stories" tab for images from c-section births, as well!


I'm very modest and concerned about too much being photographed. 

We will cover all this when we meet, but the short answer is: don't worry! Some Mamas want to cover the intimate moments of baby crowning, the placenta, breastfeeding- and some do not. We typically are positioned near the hip/ shoulder, so that there is rarely any nudity. We believe all aspects of birth are sacred, and promise to be respectful of your comfort level and concerns as we're photographing that day.


What if you get sick, have an emergency, etc?

Not to worry, there are three of us! We are all professional photographers, and knowledgable about birth. Oh, and we're all ladies :-) 

Do you use a flash?

Hello Baby has made a personal decision not to use a flash, as we believe it may be disruptive to laboring Mama, the medical team, and newborn baby. Instead, we prefer to use natural and ambient light. With birth, lighting can be dim, which will result in "grainer" images. See our online portfolio for examples of our collective work; all photos shown were taken without a flash.


How long will it take to receive my images?

We will send you a handful of sneak peeks as soon as possible, so you can announce the birth and share with your family & friends via email and social media. (If you've given permission, we will also happily announce your baby's birth by sharing a few images on the Hello Baby facebook page!) The remainder of the digital files will be delivered electronically between 2- 4 weeks, via a password- protected online gallery.


Do you offer newborn portraiture?

Coming May 2016, Hello Baby will open it's Newborn division! We are so excited to be able to continue this journey will your family after you've brought your baby home. 


Do you offer a gift registry?

Yes! In fact, the gift of Birth Photography is very popular gift for baby showers... especially when it's wrapped up in a box with a pretty bow! See the Gift Registry tab for more information.

hello baby birth photography